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Laughter as a Form of Physical Therapy

March 15, 2018 —   We’ve all heard the old adage that laughter is the best medicine. But exactly how true is it? According to numerous studies, laughter does indeed have many health benefits. Norman Cousins, an American journalist, professor and world peace advocate, published about his ability to heal himself with laughter in the New England Journal of... Read More

Everyone Loves a Healthy Heart

February 15, 2018 —   February is American Heath Month. Cardiovascular diseases – including congestive heart failure, atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke – remain the leading cause of death in the world; yet, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost a third of cardiac-related deaths are preventable. While some risk factors, such as age and... Read More

Ten Simple Things You Can Do This Year to Improve Your Health

January 15, 2018 —   You may have already made some resolutions to live a healthier life this year. And you may have already abandoned some of them because they cramp your way of life. With that in mind, we thought we’d share some tips to create a healthier you that are actually easy to do – you may... Read More

The CPT Approach to Rehabilitative Therapy

December 15, 2017 —   This article was written by Kristine Bykerk, PT, MBA, and Senior Vice President of Corporate Operations, Community Physical Therapy & Associates (CPT Rehab) which provides physical, occupational and speech therapists to short-term rehabilitation centers and skilled nursing facilities as well as offers outpatient therapy. Have you ever experienced an illness, injury or medical procedure... Read More

Going Home for the Holidays? Check on Elder Loved Ones’ Well-being.

November 15, 2017 —   Getting together with family over the holidays is a cherished custom for millions of Americans. Sharing stories and gifts and giving thanks for life’s abundance has become part of an annual tradition for many. For those who may see their parents only during the holidays, this may also be a time when they realize... Read More

Post-Acute Care’s Role in Creating Better Health Outcomes

October 16, 2017 —   Hospital stays are becoming shorter and shorter and many people are being discharged “sicker and quicker.” A recent study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society discovered that shorter stays in the hospital are linked to earlier hospital readmissions. One solution to this issue that is gaining popularity is post-acute care, provided... Read More

Meditation Becoming Popular as a Way to Improve Well-being

September 15, 2017 —   Meditation is a practice with a long and rich history. While its roots are in religious traditions, it has evolved to become a mainstream practice for anyone looking to reduce stress, improve their job or athletic performance, or simply improve their overall health and well-being. Many companies, including Apple, Google and Nike, have offered... Read More

The Importance of Nutrition in Rehabilitation

August 15, 2017 —   Surgery, an injury or a medical event such as a stroke or heart attack can create havoc in the body. A critical and often overlooked factor in aiding recovery from such events is nutrition. The right nutrients can help a body heal more quickly. There are several conditions that can exacerbate pain and slow... Read More

Tai Chi Can Aid in Rehabilitation

July 17, 2017 —   When one is recuperating from surgery or a medical event such as stroke, heart attack or COPD, exercise usually is an important part of recovery. If you’re in a rehabilitation facility, you’ll likely be following a course of treatment specific to your situation. But when you return home, keeping active will remain an important... Read More

Aromatherapy 101

June 15, 2017 — This article is written by our Wellness Coordinator, Mary Beth Janssen, a certified mind-body health educator for the Chopra Center for Well Being and the author of five books.  It continues to surprise me how many folks are not aware of aromatherapy’s delightful and therapeutic benefits. It’s a regular part of every Mind, Body, Health... Read More