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Quality Sleep Helps Maintain Good Health

June 12, 2019 —   Many of us probably don’t give a lot of thought to those hours that we’re slumbering. But as it turns out, there are some pretty remarkable things that go on when we’re sawing logs. Your brain is very busy during sleep. The regions of the brain involved in learning, processing information, and emotion are... Read More

Exercise Is a Critical Component in Aging Well

May 8, 2019 —   May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Its purpose is to highlight the importance of physical activity in maintaining good health. People who study how to age well are beginning to look more closely at extending a person’s health span in addition to their life span. It’s no longer enough to extend one’s... Read More

Fasting May Help Heal Your Body and Your Mind

April 10, 2019 —   Last month, we discussed superfoods that may help improve your health. This month, we’re exploring how abstaining from eating – commonly referred to as fasting – may also benefit your health. Fasting is a controlled window of time — 16 hours, a day, or even a week — where one goes without food (but... Read More

Ten Superfoods that May Help Improve Your Health

March 12, 2019 —   March is National Nutrition Month, making this the perfect time to take a look at some of the foods that have been shown to improve health, reduce risk for many diseases and increase longevity. There’s a lot of conflicting information surrounding the foods and beverage we eat and drink. Is chocolate good or bad... Read More

What’s the Truth about Cholesterol?

February 7, 2019 —   February is American Heart Month and when we talk about heart health, cholesterol is almost always on the agenda. And yet, despite all the research done on the subject there’s still controversy over its effect on heart disease. We’ve all heard that cholesterol is bad for us. But beyond that, there are a lot... Read More

Adopt a New Attitude This New Year

January 7, 2019 —   The dawning of a new year allows us to pause for a moment and take stock of our lives. For most of us, there are things that could use some improvement. One method of improving our lives is to adopt a more positive outlook on life. According to a study at Yale University, researchers... Read More

Brighten Your Spirit This Holiday Season

December 6, 2018 —   The winter holidays all share one thing in common – celebrating the light. From the candles of the menorah celebrating the rededication of a desecrated temple to the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree reminding us that we can always choose light over the dark, this time of year has always been about celebrating... Read More

The Role of Spirituality in Aging Well

November 15, 2018 —   Most of us understand the importance of physical activity, eating well and regular medical checkups in order to age well. But the link between spirituality and good health has been less clear and many researchers are taking a closer look at spirituality’s role in health and aging.  What does it mean to be spiritual?... Read More

How the Creative Arts Help Heal

October 15, 2018 —   “The medical profession has come a long way in recognizing the healing benefits of art. My hope is that someday the arts will be considered as significant in everyone’s lives as breathing fresh air, eating clean foods, and performing physical exercise.” – Renée Phillips It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone involved in... Read More

Living With Limited Mobility? Here’s How You Can Stay Physically Fit.

September 14, 2018 —   Most everyone is aware that to age well, it’s important to exercise. But what can you do if you’re living with arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease or another mobility-limiting condition? Many people living with these conditions restrict their physical activity, either because it’s painful or under the mistaken belief that exercise will worsen their condition.... Read More