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Calls to Action: Proposed Cuts to Physician Fee Schedule

The National Association of Rehabilitation Providers and Agencies (NARA) sent out these calls to action related to the proposed cuts in the physician fee schedule. We are sharing them with our readers.  

As we get closer to January 1, 2021, we get increasingly concerned about the impact of the Physician Fee Schedule cut for our businesses and the patients we serve. NARA has created two new campaigns to help keep this issue, the impact on beneficiaries and an already fragile economy in the forefront of everyone’s minds. Below is the information on the two separate campaigns:

Action 1 – CMS

Letter to CMS regarding the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule proposed rule for CY 2021 that includes an estimated 9% overall reduction in reimbursement for therapy providers. We encourage all our members to add personal impact statements related to your patients, community and business. Click here to Take Action!

Action 2 – Congress

Letter to your Congressional Representatives regarding the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule proposed rule and requesting passing of legislation waiving budget neutrality for at least two years, thus delaying the reduction in reimbursement until a better option is found. Click here to Take Action!

Once you take action, please share these Calls to Action with your colleagues and on social media so we can bring more attention to the potential damaging effects of this cut for beneficiaries and communities across the United States.

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