Our Values

For over 30 years, CPT has remained focused on setting a standard in rehabilitation care and practice. Our purpose is to provide evidence-based approaches to therapy and care as well as encourage our employees to do their best to leverage the best outcomes possible – for patients and themselves.

We are committed to creating new approaches to health care delivery by proactively managing care using well-defined processes. We clearly define and regularly re-examine the processes we operate under so that we ensure we are delivering the best patient care protocols.

Our Vision

To work together as a team, providing and stimulating improvement of the whole, while fostering individuality and professional growth.

Our Mission

CPT will be the leader in rehabilitation services by focusing on learning, teaching, research outcome studies and patient-focused care involving employees at all levels. We foster a professional and ethical environment for the practice of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies, while promoting these professions as an essential component of health care.