Return to Work

CPT’s Return to Work Program is an individualized program to help individuals return to work. The program is tailored to meet patients’ needs, taking into account the specific condition being treated as well as your job requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to return you to your job as quickly as possible and to educate you on self-management of your condition. With this knowledge of self-management and understanding your condition, you are less likely to suffer reinjury.


Our Return to Work Program has three distinct components:

  1. New/Chronic Injury and/or Surgery
    We perform an evaluation based on the mechanical diagnosis and treatment (McKenzie) guidelines. When you come in for a McKenzie assessment, you will receive a thorough examination that is designed to identify the underlying cause of your pain. The assessment focuses on how specific movements or positions affect your pain. This gives the therapist relevant information about what is producing your pain and what you need to do to address it. It is usually possible to predict the course and outcome of treatment in one to two sessions and then establish an individualized program with the assistance of our licensed therapist.
  1. Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
    A functional capacity evaluation (FCE), as applied to workers’ compensation, is a battery of standardized tests used to access an individual’s functional capacities so he/she can return to work. The FCE that CPT utilizes is the Fishbain RFC, which is the most valid and reliable assessment tool. The evaluation takes about five hours to perform and tests your ability to push/pull, lift/carry, balance, perform activities that test your fine motor skills and demonstrate overall endurance. During the FCE, a mechanical evaluation also will be performed to determine if there is an underlying mechanical problem that has not been properly addressed. In addition, you will complete various questionnaires. Based on all of these tests, our therapists will determine your return to work status or if you would benefit from a work-conditioning program.
  1. Work Conditioning
    Our Work Conditioning Program is different than other programs in that we take a mechanical approach to developing an exercise program for our patients. You will receive an individualized program for your condition based on the FCE and mechanical evaluation to help you meet your job requirements. Strength training, neuromuscular re-education, balance training, functional work activities and patient education are all incorporated into the program.

Programs will vary depending on your needs and goals. Programs can vary from 3-5 days per week and from 2-6 hours per day. You will perform cardiovascular activities as well as functional work tasks to build up your strength, increase flexibility and get you back to work.