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Falls Are Not a Normal Part of Aging

January 8, 2021 — Falls are common and costly, especially among Americans age 65 and older. But many falls are preventable, and they do not have to be an inevitable part of aging. Every second of every day, an older adult (age 65+) suffers a fall in the U.S.—making falls the leading cause of injury and injury death in... Read More

How to Help Prevent Falls

January 17, 2017 —   According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention Control (CDC), falls are the leading cause of injury in the elderly and account for over 70 percent of ER visits for older adults. Every year, one in three adults age 65 or older falls. Making the situation even more dangerous, not only the risk of... Read More

Think About Doing Some Spring Cleaning This Summer

July 12, 2016 —   If, like many of us, spring passed you by without you doing any evaluation of your home environment, we have good news for you! It’s never too late to make your home safer and more comfortable. One effect of being cooped up all winter is that indoor air pollution rises. According to the Environmental... Read More